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A low-poly walking simulator that puts you into a desolate, fully-greyscale forest that is devoid of life. While moving through this world, you must destroy blinking, disruptive roots that are burdening your path and the space around you. Sometimes these roots spawn new life, and sometimes a human, Charlie, appears. As you play through, the world will gradually saturate and life will begin to populate around you. 

Charlie has a story to tell and it is your choice about if you want to follow and listen, or walk away and continue restoring the forest. 

To play, use WASD to move through the space and click the left mouse button to swing your arm. You can move slightly faster by holding Shift.


Get this game and 587 more for $60.00 USD
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Beautiful little game, I wish I realised I could press Shift to move faster earlier on as I missed a tiny bit of the dialogue but what I experienced was beautiful and captures the feeling of grief really well.


Thank you so much! I've thought about adding a micro-tutorial about the arm swing and Shift to move faster, this is good motivation to do that!

Is there any trailer or gameplay footage available?

Hey there, a trailer with gameplay footage is available here: